Monthly Archives: Aralık 2020

Biocidal Products

Only representation service is provided for Biocidal products and the active substances. These products and substances are allowed to Turkish downstream buyers and end users in a regulatory process to establish safe use for humans and the environment, as well confirming efficacy against target organisms. Ulus Reach has the scientific, regulatory and industry-specific knowledge to […]

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Only Representative (OR)

KKDIK applies only to legal entities established in Turkey. Companies based outside Turkey may not directly fulfill any obligations under KKDIK. As a consequence, customers of a non-Turkish supplier have to fulfill all obligations under the regulations of KKDIK as an importer, which is a distinct disadvantage in comparison to purchasing from a TURKISH manufacturer. […]

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3rd Party Representative

If you are a producer, formulator or importer of a substance already registered in Turkey you may appoint a 3 rd Party Representative to represent you in the market. We have set up a Representation support service to act on your behalf when participating in KKDIK SIEF or consortia meetings for a particular substance. We […]

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